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Garvey Trade and Development is a social enterprise organization which focuses on economic development and stability in our neighborhoods and communities.  Our primary population are those people of color who are not begin afforded the training for employment nor the education to start their own business.

Formerly doing business as The Harambee Leadership Academy, Inc., we provide consultation and training for community and economic development.  Through our partners, we also now include workforce development initatives in the areas of digital skills and IT training and education.  

The Harambee Leadership Academy, Inc. provides entrepreneur training and small business development services for our collaborations.  Garvey Trade & Development is the "economic" wing of Harambee.  We focus primarily on economic development; with priority for food security.  We have open relationships with various countries throughout the world to open doors for trade with us here in the United States.  

We are based in Columbus, Ohio; however we recently opened a sub location in North Charleston, South Carolina.  Our management team has a long history of establishing relationships abroad; especially for the East to the West coast of Afrika. Because of the bridges we have built between cultures, we are proud to include the Somolia communites of Columbus, Ohio in our network of services. 

Make'da F. Na'eem



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Pamoja Tunashina!!-Together we will win!!

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